About me

Hi, thanks for Your time on my page.

My name is Maciej Sikora and I am software developer with creative and open mind. My career started in 2007 when I got a job as PHP/Javascript programmer, in my first years of work I prefered backend then ui programming, but after growth of js frameworks like Dojo, Backbone ( yes those two got first in my hands ) I found potential in this language and I loved event programming, this is more, more fun then simply get data, save data in backend programming. Now I am working with TypeScript which is for me next level of creating web apps, I work also with AngularJs and have in plan start work in React.js.

In 2015 I started learning programming Android application in Java, while learning I created two apps – ToWifiDo task list app which helps to manage taks in places, next was application for local Lublin newspaper, app with events from Lublin – Co Gdzie Kiedy. Programming in Java with usage of Android Studio is very satisfying, IDE gives so much to programmer.

Now I can call myself both – JavaScript Developer and Android Developer.